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Shirtdress, for less than $12!
Hunter boots
Bracelet, from my mom

As I'm typing this, Lucy and I are inside the warm house while the others play in the (dusting of) snow. Grateful for a restful Sunday without any activities planned. I like that. 

We went to Vigil Mass. That jampacked our Saturday  and left Sunday free to stay at home and spend quality time with the family. 

I didn't step into the mall for my Christmas shopping. Yesterday though,  I didn't have a choice but finally go to the outlet store an hour away from the city to return an online Black Friday purchase. Yes, I pushed it to the almost 60 day return limit. 

Once we were there, we walked around and finally got hubs' Christmas presents which he asked to get after Christmas because of the "after holiday deals". That's my husband. He's the frugal and more sensible person in the family. (I'm a sales/clearance shopper myself but those get canceled out by my "not so sensible purchase" ahem... My handbag collection). 

After our errands, it was pretty much time for Mass. 
I don't even remember the key points of the homily. :( I had to reread it online. 

I've got a busy crew. It felt busier than "usual" because hubs was the lead usher.  I was nursing the baby and trying to block/pin Sebastian in between my legs to prevent him from running away. Then a whining 6 year old who  I tried to reason with pouted some more. the 4 year old was whisked away by her king (aka daddy). Thankfully there was no indecent exposure in my part. 

The children played musical chairs for an hour. They all want their daddy. So if he left the pew for the collection or to greet the parishioners or whatever, everyone (except the baby who cannot walk yet) wanted to follow him. 

 How do you moms prevent musical chairs? I don't want to be excessively calling them  out  and making them "sit still" but the "ignoring" them and closing my eyes and praying part is difficult as well. If they're distracting me, the people around us were distracted too. 

After Mass, I avoided eye contact with the parishioners around us. One of Daniel's classmate's mom said hi and said: he is busy isn't he? (Referring to Mr busy bee SJ). 

That's why I haven't volunteered to play the the piano in awhile. I knew if I help out, it will have to be a different Mass without the children. I cannot/would not leave my husband alone in the pew with 4 children. It's hard to corral 4 with just two hands.  (plus I haven't practiced in awhile.... sad)

We lay down expectations before Mass. We talk to them right after Mass. But it's still hit or miss with their behaviors :(

One runs away. 
This same one plays with the books and shuffles and pretends to read them. 
One wants to be held when she's already 4 years old. 
One plays musical chairs. 
One wants to nurse. 

I want to bring to them to Church so they start participating at a young age. How will they be exposed to the Eucharist if they don't see the Eucharist? Yet, on the other hand I also know how difficult it  is for younger children to sit still for 1 hour.

All in all, this weekend is a great weekend to officially end the Christmas season. it's also time to take down the decorations.... but I convinced my husband to keep the small tree (without the ornaments) and leave it up with the lights... for a little while.

Happy Feast of the Baptism of the LORD.

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  2. Well I have to say, your mom got a nice bracelet! So is your skirt dress! You look pretty good!

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  3. You look lovely, as always. Thank you for the sacrifice and hard work you put in to bring all of your kids to Mass and to go as a family. My family didn't go to Mass when I was growing up, so I have literally no experience with that, but I know it can't be easy. Grace *is* rubbing off on them, and it's being dumped all over you, too!


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