tv faves part ii {100 fave things)

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post 1 is about my fave desserts and drinks
post 2 is about my fave restaurants
post 3 is 10 things I love about my job
post 4 is about random fave things
post 5 is part I of TV faves (current series)

Old series

1. Lois and Clark: the new adventures of Superman
I am a superman girl! He is my fave superhero. I watched this in the Philippines and then binge watch it again as a grown-up. Thanks to hubs! He completed my collection and got me all 4 seasons!

Suffice it to say: I also liked Smallville. But most of its prime running was during my college years so I "grew out" of WB. I am just now going back to the old seasons and watching what I missed.

2. Grey's anatomy
I was a first year in med school when Grey's Anatomy aired its first season.
This was my go-to TV show post-call. It felt so good to cry when I was sleep-deprived and so tired.
I stopped watching/borrowing the DVDs after the 8th season I think.... And they killed McSteamy... then McDreamy! so upsetting.

3. Psych
If you want a good laugh with crime/detective stories with LOTS of FLAIR and 80s references -- this one is for you.

4. White Collar
Neal Caffrey... oh Neal Caffrey... why are you so good-looking? yet, you're a con-man.
A show that both Derrick and I loved watching. He even bought me the entire series!

5. Leverage
Why did they cancel this show?
It was witty. Derrick and I binged watch this together.

6. MacGyver
I watched it when i was young. I borrowed the first season from the library -- it's so 80s! haha.

Now we are headed to the series I watched in my teenage years.

7. X-Files
Do I need an explanation for this?
The truth is out there... SCIFI awesomeness.
{the revival started this Sunday with another episode last night!}

8. Charmed
This was shown Sat primetime in the Philippines. I watched the first couple of seasons. Then I got lost with all the plots and demons and white lighter stuff.
now when I visit my inlaws, I watch reruns there.

9.  Buffy the Vampire Angel
High school series during my high school years.
I wished I lived in sunny LA, but not fighting vampires of course!

10. Xena, the warrior princess
Wish I can kick-butt like Lucy Lawless!

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