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I am back to my 100 favorite things. This is the 5th installment. I am halfway there :)

post 1 is about my fave desserts and drinks
post 2 is about my fave restaurants
post 3 is 10 things I love about my job
post 4 is about random fave things

Now it's time for my favorite TV series. I am splitting them up between current series (ones I watch and/or still on air) and then second installment are old series (ones that either are not airing anymore, or I don't watch anymore).

outfit deets:

sweater, similar or this one is cute too!
blanket scarf c/o Pumps and PushUps
crossbody, more here
earrings from my momma

Current series
(most -- if not all -- are watched from a DVD player sans commercial. Thanks public library... some are also free on amazon prime. I don't mind waiting one season to watch the shows)

1. Sherlock
For a mystery-crime lover like me, Sherlock should be up there for crime drama. This new installment is amazing. I like Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock.

2. Bones
I like tall, handsome, dark haired actors.... David Boreanaz is another actor that fit those qualities. But he's not the only reason I watched Bones. I enjoy medical mysteries and drama.

One funny memory: My husband brought the season 7 DVD to my labor room for baby D3's arrival. I did not watch any of those episodes. I was in a lot of pain (duh) and afterwards, I just wanted to sleep.

3.  Downton Abbey
It's still airing but I stopped watching season 4. I need to go back to it so I can catch up. Since this is the final season and all.

4. Criminal Minds
Yes, it is gory and disturbing. But for crime drama, I like it. i binged watch this during my maternity leave with Daniel.

5. The Walking Dead
Another gory, scary series. I watched the first 3 seasons during daylight! I have taken a break from it.

6. Suits
We don't have cable. But thanks to my momma, she updates me with series that she enjoys. Then I scout for the DVDs in the library catalog.  Suits is one of those series she suggested. I like Gabriel Macht -- again another tall handsome, dark haired man.

7. How to get away with Murder
This is one of those series that I patiently waited and waited till first season was over and then released on DVD. I don't have the time to watch primetime shows live anymore. we don't have a DVR. I don't have netflix. Nor do I enjoy watching on abc online anymore (those ads). once the DVD was released, I requested it from our library. I was #44 or something outrageous like that. But my time came and I binge watched it with my husband. He got so into it too. We watched 5-6 episodes until 3a one weekend!

8. Rizzoli and Isles
Medical crime drama! thumbs up!
Pathologist/medical examiner fashionista! high five!
Love female protagonists and watching Dr. Isles carry her Birkins and walk in her stilletos.

9. Castle
See the theme here? mystery, crime -- my type of thing.
I am behind on this show. I left off when they got married. (ooops. spoiler!)

10. Orphan Black
Thanks to amazon prime and its recommendations. i found this series and I LOVE IT! What?! i just now realized that season 3 DVD is released. I am requesting it pronto!

Share some of your fave tv series below!

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  1. Haha, I signed up for a library movie recently (Mr. Holmes) and was number 86! But I know that's not always the case. :) My husband always finds us good series to watch via the library and Amazon Prime- but I have to admit I miss Netflix sometimes, esp. for The Office. :( We liked Foyle's War a lot and lots of British detective shows like DCI Banks (both library) and binge watched all of The Amazing Race on AP. :) We also really liked Bones & Sherlock!


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