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I blinked and suddenly, my firstborn is 6 years old. Tomorrow is his half year birthday. Wasn't I just carrying his carseat and "eating" brunch with him for his first half birthday?

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I love *mostly everything about him. I'd be lying if I say he is perfect.
I don't like the lack of motivation sometimes. But I love his energy, smile and sweetness. He is a big help at home. He is stepping up as kuya to his sibs.

I am proud of him. He is a budding mathematician. He got his parents genes. I love math. Hubs likes Math.

He also shares my bad habit of stopping by Starbucks. I grab my soy latte. He asks for his cheese danish or banana nut bread.

I appreciate his willingness to go with the flow and take photos of his mother at a parking lot.

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