frizzy hair

St. Clare glass pendant c/o Axis Mundi

Striped tee from Jcrew Factory, similar
Vest from my momma
Burberry Crossbody
Hunter's, gift from hubs and the kids || bought on sale!

I wore this outfit to Daniel's first grade class Christmas party. see what we did here.
I curled my hair because I had a few extra minutes than usual that morning. So upsetting though that it was misty... hence the frizzy hair! all that hard work, GONE.

The postpartum/breastfeeding hair loss is at its peak. So whenever I get a change I add a few waves or curls to give my hair a little ooommph. I can also see a new grey hair here and there. I don't mind the grey hair actually. I hope it will be as pretty and white as my late paternal grandma.

Also notice the dying-dead-dead pumpkins from Halloween past. I assure you -- now that it is 2016, they are all eaten up by our neighborhood chipmunks and squirrels.

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  1. What a great photographer! :) Love the striped tee + vest.


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