pink for a decade


Anthropologie dress
Saint Laurent Wallet on chain
Valentino-look-a-likes, via eBay, brand is Halogen
 More Anthro dresses below

This space has been neglected. There's a valid reason, promise.
I wore this dress on our anniversary weekend at the Outer Banks. It was the first time we used AirBnB.  Kati decorated our love nest for the weekend so beautifully. It's perfect for small families too as it has its own living room and kitchenette. The second bedroom is available if you have party of 4 or more.  see the cute chalk messages? the shells? we did not get to use the pool but we dipped in the hot tub and I also used the hammock!
I saw this pretty dress on the sale rack of Anthro and I knew when and where I'd wear it.
Anniversary dinner on 10 year anniversary trip
what? Miami? I thought you're in OBX? You're in the wrong state, sister.
At this point, we already knew we were expecting baby D5. Because of all the ZIKA scare, we cancelled Miami and decided on NC instead.
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I just love the flutter hem. If you look closely, the outer layer is pink. Bottom layer is actually orange. I have back up dresses for this trip but I knew this one will be forgiving just in case I gained 10 lbs just like that. I did not have problems during first trimester. But baby D5's pregnancy was different. I was hungry all the time but when I saw food, I did not feel like eating. I had nausea in the morning, daytime, evening. I actually vomited several times... 

Those weeks are long gone. I went to my OB appt today and I gained 5 lbs since beginning of the month. eeeek!
I should be getting beach-"body" ready (whatever that means for a preggo lady) not eating Starbucks' double chocolate loaf almost everyday! yikes! my justification was: hey, I was in clinic all day, so I can have this treat... or I was home all day, so it's ok to have it. Basically, it's just a justification. I will buy it anyway. Why do I like it? it's like a slice of cake!
Not Anthro, but more budget-friendly dresses below:



I have lots of stuff coming this year. Next month, I promise, I will share a photo diary... It's double duty as I want to document this big trip I am taking in a few days. yes a few days! as in a week!
We are also moving to a new house. And I have lots of plans for that house. I may have found a new (another???) hobby. I pray that I will be good at it. Because I am obsessed looking at these plans.
I am collaborating with a good friend and colleague who started her business. (Stay tuned!)
I want to take more bump photos with the children. Thanks to an awesome friend, Beth, who made me a sign. It's beautiful.
Till next post! 

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