What's in a name?

I'm a planner. Families, friends, coworkers know that I over prepare! Way in advance.

I've had names picked out for my kids way before I got married. But even likes and especially my plans change. I've picked and tossed names, change combination of first and middle names or alter everything. One good reason is that hubs get to choose one of the names then we decide on the combination together.

He picked Daniel. I chose Isaac.
I picked Isabel. He chose Francesca.

For our newest baby boy, would you guess which one i chose/he chose?

I've always loved the name Sebastian. It's quite long but very old and traditional. It's Latin. So, yes, it smells old.

Derrick toyed with tons of middle names. Until we both agreed on James.

So I chose Sebastian. He chose James.

Our criteria for our children's names:
- must be biblical or after a saint
- as much as we can, must start with D, L, S or I. {would you guess why?}

Baby D3 has {what i boastly said} power names.

St. Sebastian, martyr
He is the patron saint of athletes, soldiers, archers and EMG-ers {neurologists who perform the needle and shocking test checking for neuromuscular problems, nerve only problems etc}
He was a soldier in the Roman army and was responsible for the conversion of many Roman pagans, the prefect of Rome, a jailer, a man in charge of the prisoners and his wife just to name a few.
He is commonly depicted in art as tied to a tree with tons of arrows piercing his body. Yet he didn't die from these arrows. He became a witness for Christ when he was beaten to death per emperor Diocletian's orders.
His Feastday is January 20th.

St. James the Greater, apostle
He is the patron saint of laborers, veterinarians and pharmacists. He is the patron saint of Spain.
He was one of the 3 apostles who witnessed both the transfiguration and agony in the garden. From tradition, he was the first apostle to be martyred.

I especially love this passage from EWTN. James is called Greater because he received the grace of the apostolate earlier, so he is called Greater because he was earlier summoned to the glory of eternity.
His feastday is July 25th.

Prayer from catholic.org
Saint James, pray for us that we may be willing to leave everything to follow Jesus as you did. Help us to become special friends of Jesus as you were. Amen.

Meaning of Isabel's name

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  1. I love the name! We are still trying to pick a name for our newest addition, but no luck so far...I'm more of a procrastinator I guess :)

    Thanks for linking up at Babies and Beyond this week!

  2. I was going to be a Sebastian if I was a boy - or at least if my dad got his way :-)

    Great names and I love the background. My daughter is named after my grandmother and great-grandmother and so like so many of her friends has completely Victorian names.

    Thanks so much for sharing at the Friday Baby Shower - Alice @ Mums Make Lists x


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