What's in my hospital bag

I've procrastinated packing my hospital bag with this third baby. It's amazing how I've changed from expecting my first child to my third pregnancy.

With Lil D, by 36 weeks the newborn clothes were washed, folded and put away. The pack and play and co sleeper were assembled and ready. My hospital bag was packed. The car seat was installed in the back seat of the car.

I'm now 38 weeks and I finally hospital packed my bag.

So here are my hospital bag essentials:

- nursing tanks and nursing bras

- going home outfit: i packed a loose top and my maternity skirt. The skirt is forgiving on the belly and loose top will semi hide my postpartum bod.

- babybD3's going home outfit
{we never packed more than one baby outfit. Since the hospital hands out newborn diapers, we didn't pack extras. We also used the baby sleep sacks provided by the hospital. I didn't mind. It was basically free laundry....meconium --the dark green newborn stools stain clothes really bad}

- nursing pads

- nursing cover {it's the first time I've actually packed this to bring to the hospital. Ill be learning how to breastfeed -for the third time- so I don't think I'll be using it much}

- lansinoh lanolin ointment {the lactation consultants also hand free little tubes}

- make-up bag or at least my favorite lipgloss and lipstick for that first mother-baby picture!

- hair ties, toiletries, hair brush

- camera, video cam {these are with hubs, not necessarily in my hospital bag}

- phone charger: so my phone is ready to go with all the newborn Picts

This time around we've also packed the kids' overnight bags for when they spend the night with Lolo and Lola while baby, hubs and I are still at the hospital.

Baby D3 coming anytime now!

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