Animal print & wedges {wiws, Sunday style}

^^is this an animal print top? I thought so when I got it. But now I look at it on these photos and I'm not sure if it's an animal print. Any ideas?^^

Details of the ensemble:
Top ~ express | skirt ~ jcrew factory | wedges that gave me extra 5 inches of height ~
Korks by kork-ease

Mass behaviors:
D ~ B {this little guy went through my baby bag, found the animal crackers, ate some, spit some on the floor and squished them!}
Maybe I'm generous giving him a B.
I ~ A {my little princess is sick. I snuggled with her for the entire Mass}
S ~ {slept, slept, slept}

We have been going for walks almost daily. Thanks to the nice autumn weather. {happy first day of Fall!}

Few Picts from our walks this weekend.

^^saturday walk: Starbucks trip^^

^^lil D riding his bike down B-rip. The bars are closed. Duh^^

^^our fam ready for the Sunday brawl. 4 against 1. Colts vs 49ers!}

Prayer request:
- Isabel has a cold/runny nose. Then a fever Friday night and Saturday. I have a low grade fever myself. I just pray that the rest of the fam specially Sebastian won't get sick. I'm ok getting sick so I can give antibodies to my newborn. I just don't want him to get febrile. I know what they'll have to do with neonates with fever -- the works! Blood, urine, spinal fluid samples need to be obtained!

- also pray with me. St. Therese, little flower, novena starts today.

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  1. You're right that in the pictures that the print on that top doesn't look quite like a traditional "animal print". But you do look great in it! Hope your little family all gets to feeling better quickly!

  2. Love those red wedges! Praying that you all get rid of your illness.

  3. You look great!! I don't know if that top is traditional animal print...but it's cute.

    Hope the sick girl gets better soon!

  4. I think it looks like a cheetah-type print. Prayers for swift healing at your place.

  5. Cute outfit, and I love those shoes! Prayers that Sebastian stays healthy.


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