Black and white while pulling my hair out {wiws, Sunday style}

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I almost cried in church this morning. The kids picked a pew in between some older folks. They did not behave at all. Fighting, pushing, whining, crying. I was so hot and about to cry {remember we don't have AC in our beautiful yet oh-so-warm-inside church}

Usually I can let things go somewhat easily. Like feed my brain with constant reminders: this too shall pass, keep your cool, keep the babies in line etc etc. but all I could think of in between prayers of help me, Jesus was here I am pregnant with my third child and i cannot control these other two.

The kids' drawing fell and landed on the pew in front of us. The older man turned around and gave it to me with a pout. I looked away after a millisecond, after whispering, thanks. Isabel gave her cute smile to the other ladies surrounding us. But they were not impressed. Poor child, you cannot charm everyone especially after hitting your older brother and screaming, mine mine mine.

Is it the 10:30a mass?
Is it my lack of effective parenting skills?
Is it the stage right now where my kids fight, fight, fight?

I know behaviors in church should start with behaviors at home. We pray our night prayers, our morning prayers and prayer before meals: Isabel gives us her full attention. But the Our father takes what, a minute or so? Even when we add the Hail Mary, glory be and quick litany of our name-saints, it's not equivalent to a full Mass.

My other one during prayers looks around, fiddles with his shirt, hums, whatever. We are still working on our listening skills. We have a long way to go.

What to do? What to do?

The instant my kids hear a lecture is coming, they shut down, look away and cry. They try to get away with their crying. Oh that doesn't work buddy!
I'm actually grateful that disciplining comes outside the house now. It's not just their uncool parents who reprimand them. My in-laws do it. Now the school teachers back me up.

So for Mass behaviors:
Daniel: F
Isabel: F

But you came here to check out outfits. So let me post a picture of a recovered me. Not pulling my hair out.
Ootd details:
Motherhood maternity top
Skirt from {you won't guess where!}...................... Costco! And it's nonmaternity.
Old sandals from bakers
Earrings from our honeymoon in Paris. I love this pair. They remind me of our time pre-pulling my hair out.

And let me add Isabel.
Dress from Hanna Andersson. Dora flip flops.

We skipped our usual after-Mass restaurant. The last meal I ate out the day before Daniel's birth was at a Thai restaurant. So I thought it would be labor-inducing if we go back there today. Order panang curry and hope that I go on labor tonight. Maybe, maybe not.

Whether I have effective parenting skills, baby D3 is coming anytime now. parenting is a work in progress..... With tons of hair pulling, praying, scolding intermixed with laughs and giggles, hugs and kisses.

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  1. Bless your heart. I know exactly what you mean. It is so hard to keep everyone behaving for the entire Mass, and it doesn't help when you don't have much support from those around you. At least you are there :) And prayers for the new little on on the way!


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