7 things about my newborn {7QT}

It's all about my Sebastian for this 7qt post. Because what else to write when I'm at home, with a newborn.

1. Drowsy smile
Sebastian doesn't give us a social smile yet. But when you see him smile either symmetric or crooked like Stallone or Elvis ~ it's because he's in stage 1 sleep or he's drowsy. It's so cute.

2. Mr. Quiet
He loves to furrow his eyebrows. He looks so serious all the time. When he does his business, he also stops nursing and he is very quiet until you hear a loud "proooooottt" {I don't really know how to write the sound of a diaper explosion}
Then he will resume eating like nothing happened.

^^whadya doing, mummy?^^

3. Likes it all
We are thankful that he is not picky (yet). He likes it all. He sleeps on his cosleeper, his bouncer and his swing. He also likes the car seat for napping when we go for our morning strolls or trips to Target or the library.

4. I've got a Spell on you
He has something on his sibs. They are so in love with him! He already has a stuffy nose (poor baby) because Isabel kisses him right on his lips. She was sick last week with a cold and fever. She infected me -- better be me, huh? Sebastian, thank goodness, does not have a fever with his little nasal congestion. Let's keep it that way, buddy. No fevers!

Sebastian is a good baby. When I say good, he only cries when he truly, truly needs something. Like what I said, he's a serious baby otherwise. He cries when he's hungry, wet, tired and just want to be held. He's so far, what I would say, an easy baby. Kinda like Daniel.

6. I'm awake, so let's play
Oh, he loves to play at midnight or 2 am or 4 am! It started at 10p to midnight before. Now he is slowly moving that awake time to early morning. I'm hoping pretty soon, his awake time will be when the sun is up!
He is wide awake, with eyes wide open (squinty eyes) and just looks at us. Uh-huh, he wants to play. Do we give in? Sometimes, yes.. Sometimes, we just look at each other while I hope and pray he goes back to sleep.

7. I don't like it
Sebastian makes this grunting sound when I'm repositioning him or trying to relatch him when nursing. He doesn't like it! He's only 3 weeks old but he lets me know when he does not like something!

^^just pick me up. Come on now!^^

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  1. Sebastian is seriously the cutest little thing ever. I love the sleepy looks and his furrowed brows :) I'm glad that he's a mellow and easy baby. Grace was that way too as a newborn... I wish she stayed that way. hahaha
    Hope you're recovering well and resting enough!



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