House divided, menu planning, my kids {7 quick takes}

1. Menu planning
I've read tons of post regarding benefits of menu planning. I'm a planner ~~ a big organizer. I've planned menus before. This time around, I've joined a link-up. Hopefully, sharing online will keep the momentum going.
Since I'm on leave, I've been cooking up a storm. Hubs is very thankful. He has a homecooked meal when he gets home from work, yummy leftovers for lunch next day.
But like what I wrote before, I think it's a lot of meat on my menu...... I ate salad and mashed potatoes for dinner and skipped the roast. Too much, I tell ya.

Miss Isabel stayed home with me for 3 days this week. The other days, she is with Lolo or Lola. She read the books about toddlerhood and how to make your momma crazy. A lot of parents say: it starts now and continues till teenage years. Great....

3. Salad in a jar
Thanks to this post, my eyes were open to this way of packing salad. I love salads for work lunch but always end up getting tired of making my salad every. Single. Night.
Now I can make my salad for the entire week. It will stay fresh in the jar. Best of all, I just grab it in the morning and drive to work!

^^yummy! Fresh mozzarella is so good. I tested freshness by packing two for me to eat for the rest of the week. Hubs got two {only one shown here, right}. He says, it's a winner.^^

^^bottom-to-top: my own vinaigrette dressing ~~ evoo + balsamic vinegar | carrots | dried cranberries | dried fruit | walnuts | fresh mozzarella | lettuce ^^

4. Phone addiction
This Post by Martha is so convicting. I, too, am a phone addict. Hubs complains about it. It's time to wean myself from the phone. My kids are only young once.

5. Big big football Sunday.
House divided. It's the colts vs San Fran game. Hubs has been waiting for this since last season! he will be wearing his 49er jersey. D, I, S and momma are gonna wear Colts blue.

6. Daniel's report card
So proud of my boy. His report marks are all across the board. His work habits are mainly meet expectations and progressing. He is honest, trustworthy, and caring. He only has a couple with needs improvement. Wanna take a guess which social skill he needs improvement on?
Starts with L ends with G. ~~ Listening....
Following rules and practicing self-control.

7. Pictures I'm sharing

^^Missy D is not napping^^

^^Daniel says Sebastian's hairstyle is funny. He did not like the after bath Mohawk I gave his baby brother^^

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  1. The hairstyle is DEFINITELY funny! Love those pictures. And the salad in a jar is a very intriguing idea!


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