All about Daniel vol 8

On baby D3:
Lil D: I'm gonna teach Bastian sports, mummy.

As soon as he comes back from school or from Lola's house or upon awakening:
Lil D: Where's my baby?

On sports:
Lil D: I'm gonna hit the ball when it shoots up and daddy will catch it, and he will fumble it.
He's mixing baseball and football.

On school:
Lil D: I don't want to go to school,mummy.
Me: why? Because you have to listen to your teachers? {I think I was having a bad day with a short fuse when I said that comeback. Totally uncaring mum here}

I left him a note in his lunch box.
D: mummy, why did you leave kitty in my bag? {I only have girly stationery and 90% of them are hello kitty}
D: you like me?
Me: of course!
D: (to his dad) daddy, mummy likes me!

On family:
D: mummy, I want two baby brothers and two baby sisters.
Me: ok bud. Slow down. One at a time please.

On my post-delivery outfit:
D: what's this? {pointing at my hospital-issued undies}
To hold your belly?
Me: {thinking} uhm... No.

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