Sweet Isabel's Sunday outfit {what kids wore}

I'm a momma of a 96 hour old baby. I've taken a shower everyday {so proud of myself!} but haven't really 'dressed up' since coming home from the hospital. I'm sporting pjs and tanks -- not worthy of a wiws pict. Isabel is taking my place today for wiws edition.

I gave her two options. A dress from zulily (black and white with a cute apple appliqué) vs. this dress from auntie Feli. I was not surprised she picked this red/pink dress. A girl after her mum!

^^Isabel has been asking to kiss Jesus every night. She gets her bath, diaper change and pjs on -- pointing to the wall where her crucifix is hanging. This morning, Derrick asked: "do you want to bring your Jesus book?" She shook her head no and pointed to her crucifix and said: "Jesus, Jesus" ^^

^^she sat next to me and took the boppy while holding her baby. I asked her to feed her baby and instantly, she placed baby on her chest... She's a sponge, absorbing and learning everything from what she sees and observes.^^

It's September 8th: nativity of our Lady
Grandparents' day
Colts kick off home opener {beat the raiders!}

Happy Sunday from our family of 5!
(Check out other kids' outfits at the wkww link up}

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