You know you have a preschooler when... Vol 2

Isabel whining and screaming high pitch scream pleading for the green glasses that Daniel won't share.
D: I am not your friend, Isabel...
(Because not-friends don't share!)

Me: where does this wario ware DVD go?
Daniel: there! (Annoyed)
Me: ignored him and searched for the case.
Then I finally gave in (cause I cannot find the case). my bro-in-law placed 2-3 discs in one case when he gave us his old wii games
D: there. See I told u. (Huffed and sighed)

While at the park a lil girl age 7ish approached us.
D: there's a baby in mummy's belly. Wanna touch?
Girl: (no comment)
Me: (thank you Daniel for offering my belly) NOT

Lolo frank (bless his heart for teaching the kids the Filipino language) to Isabel: upo Isabel. Upo.
Daniel: THAT'S A POTTY WORD! (Clearly disgusted and disturbed by his Lolo's words)
We all had confused looks on our faces. I was thinking: did Daniel think Lolo said a bad word???
A sec or two later, he clarified things for us:
D: Lolo, you said poo poo. That's potty!
Heehee.... Poor kid heard poo poo instead of upo.
(Upo = sit)

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