Weekend play by play {wiws vol 22}

Started our day with breakfast.

Whole wheat Chocolate chip pancakes (strawberries are my addition)

And scrambled eggs
Lucky parents. Got to sleep in and make breakfast. And eat the pancakes and eggs before they got cold.

24 hours earlier......
Brunch with the fam

Waiting outside three sisters cafe. See my shadow???

18 hours earlier......
I kept the super why concert as a secret for a week! Didn't tell the kids until we are headed to Clowes Hall.
I enjoyed the concert as much the kids did.

Tried to capture the superwhy love sign up on stage --- didn't really work.
Oh well

12 hours earlier........
Lucky bees went out to dinner. Enjoyed an Italian dinner. Yum yumm
And off we went to the Pops concert series by the Indianapolis symphony orchestra. Lead vocalist is Ms. Lea Salonga. What an amazing performer.

Fast forward: Sunday.
St. Gianna's feastday

Really thankful for today.
Thankful for the entire weekend.

maternity tunic: The GAP from my first pregnancy (aka old)
Belt: jcrew
Tights: A&F
Rain boots: Hunter
Pearl necklace: from the Philippines

Mini Me:
Top from kohls
Pants: gift from in laws ???
Hello kitty sippy

For all my faithful readers: here's a kohls 10% off discount. BLOGS10 Ok to use till May 10th. And may use with other codes/discounts.
Ill have to check out these dresses for Isabel.

Happy 5th Sunday of Easter.
Sharing Fr. Roberts' message.

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  1. That is a great tunic, old or not!

  2. Love that tunic! I need to stock up on a few :) And I love your polka dot dress!

  3. You look fabulous in both outfits! I also may need the chocolate chip and strawberry pancake recipe. Sounds so yummy!!

  4. I love that tunic! And I have a really similar polka dot dress (maternity), but I like the top of yours much better. Yay for weekends off!


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