Ultimate blog party

I'm a newbie for this year's ultimate blog party!
So excited to join an meet new e-friends!

Ultimate Blog Party 2013

A little bit about me:
I'm a wife, mummy of 2 (baby D3 due in Sept) and a pediatric neurologist in training. I love, love, love anything pink. I crave sushi (too bad I'm preggers right now). I'm an Indianapolis colts fan. And most of all, I'm a follower of Christ.
I enjoy dancing and Zumba; reading blogs and searching for easy yummy recipes.

Why I use mummy?
My mom is mommy; my grandma who raised me is mama. I'm mummy to my kids. And I'm obsessed with the British monarchy. (Hey I was one of those 13 year old girls crazy over Prince William before he started balding)

My fam
D: best hubs, numbers-smart, SF 49er fan. Awesome awesome dad who changes soiled diapers. My travel buddy.
Lil D: 3 1/2 yo preschooler who lurves all things with swords and fight scenes... Ninjago, Star Wars, spiderman, iron man. you name it.
He's also a book lover and sweet boy.
Baby I: my Lil diva. Knows how to sign more, puppy and milk. Can roll her eyes at a young age of 16 months.
Baby D3: due in September. Our little blessing!

What I blog about:
My family, kids, residency
My journey

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  1. Hello!! Nice to meet you! Its my first year linking up to the party too! Love your adorable family!!

  2. Congratulations on the pregnancy! Following via GFC through the blog party and I hope you'll come check out my page, too! http://www.parentwin.com/2013/04/ultimate-blog-party-2013.html


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