OneAmerica 500 Mini...... Marathon eh... 5K

Oh I need a nap....
Mini5K can still be tiring. Granted I didn't run the half marathon
Key words here are
1. Walk
2. 5k
Instead of the 13 mile race that thousands of people ran this morning.

This is my second 5k. First one being a 'leisure walk' during the color run 2012, with my mom. Walking for Elijah Damaris.

Sharing some pix from my trusty iPhone.

At the start of the race. Amazing big US flag.
Windy, gray morning. Still perfect for running.

Home stretch: 2.5 mile mark here....

And we made it! Our time 55 mins. Yes! Finished it under an hour.

Got my medal!

Met my cheering squad.

Something to remember waking up at the crack of dawn to walk a 5k when 20 weeks prego.

My cheering squad amazing enough didn't fuss while getting ready this morning. They went with the flow and waited at the finish line with their dad.

What a workout for Isabel.....
Their reward. Play for a lil bit at the college campus where their dad and mom met.

Are we done yet, mummy?

Gotta show our medals right at the finish line....

Maybe I'll walk/run the mini 5k next year...... For now, I'll rest, kick off my running shoes, take a nap and enjoy being pregnant.

And yes it's only 11a.

Happy Saturday!

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