7 quick takes Vol 24

Joining our host Jen who has an invasive procedure today (IV filter) and then expecting the delivery of her baby this weekend. quite a weekend for our host!

This is the view from my "desk" this month.
It's a new month which means another rotation. (BTW, I am 1/3 done with the last year of my residency! WOOHOO!)
Not a quite impressive view of the garage and the County hospital

or the medical school research building.

But what I love the most is seeing daylight!

So this is what it feels like having a desk-job. I respect y'all with office jobs (like my mom, dad, and hubs) but oh my: I feel like my butt is getting bigger every single minute sitting on this chair. This is not really "meet, greet and treat patient month" but look-at-their-brain-waves month.
Don't get me wrong. I love looking at brain waves. If not for another year of non-real doctor salary, I would totally go for a neurophysiology fellowship. ok.. ok... it's NOT all about the money. I have been a resident for a LOOOONG TIME. It's time to move on. I am taking this month to help me once I am out in the real world. I am reading as much as I can about EEGs.

See the brain waves on the side of the neuroscience building? Those are delta waves -- slow waves. The artist who designed this should have asked a neurophysiologist. I'd want alpha frequency waves if I got asked.

Another cool thing about not being on your feet all day -- I get to wear these lovelies:

And these too:

Wedges and kitten heel pumps both by Calvin Klein via Nordstrom rack.
{sorry for the sunburned feet}

As a doctor, I am definitely used to explaining procedures to patients that I might sound nonchalant talking about them. oh a venous filter -- oh that's easy. oh, an aneurysm clipping.... oh a Left hemispherectomy.... disclaimer: I am not a surgeon, I don't perform those procedures. I was just making a point.

What I do on a much regular basis is perform lumbar punctures or spinal taps. Thanks to Jen's post -- it reminded me that parents  and patients are scared just hearing "spinal tap."  I must remember to be compassionate and understanding when explaining the procedure. Honest, must give facts but compassionate. 

A parent once told me this before I performed a spinal tap: "take care of my baby."
Oh yes I did. I surely took good care of her baby.

sharing my finds from zulily!

intended to be a future baby bag -- but once it arrived: I wanna use it for work!

this one is for work. A little tiny for my taste (I am one of those with humongous work bags) but this one's very classy. It has not arrived yet.

and did you see my five faves post showing my leopard espadrille?

Book I am reading:
Funny.. funny... funny...

By thebigmamablog

Picture I am sharing:
my better eater at one of our impromptu "let's not eat left-overs" nights.

Happy First Friday y'all!

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