What I wore to (half a) Mass {wiws vol 21}

I didn't get a chance to take a decent pict of my outfit. I was stuck on the phone answering several back-to-back pages from patients and the hospital.

I missed the first half of Mass. (Sad, sigh, tear) i was outside the church answering more calls.

I was not ready to receive Christ. It didn't feel right going to Communion either since I was absent during the liturgy of the word.

Of course, icing on the cake: got another page during Communion. While I was sitting by myself on the pew reading the Readings and Gospel.
My hope is to go to Mass again today. On my own...... maybe ill be lucky and get no pages.

Messy house with a preschooler's clothes on the floor......
He is a good boy. He picked them up a few seconds after I shot this selfie.
Nonmaternity dress: h&m
Short sleeved cardi: target
Cropped Tights: Macy's
Zara flats: not shown
Newly manicured and pedicured nails

venting and encouragement iMessage from a friend

Joining the hosts and linky ladies at FLAP
Who went to a FULL Mass.
Check out their lovelier outfits.


  1. You are serving...God understands. Hopefully you can make it to Mass today and enjoy the quiet.

  2. What Mary said!
    I love the color of your dress.

  3. Can't be easy, but God's work never is, right? I love your dress and tights combo and I really love the banner on your blog!

  4. Oh what a crazy day for you :( Hugs and prayers! And here's hoping that you have a peaceful night :)

    Also, that dress is so pretty (and I'm sure the flats are too, I love Zara!)

  5. I also love the tights and dress combo. I totally struggle with the same feeling during Mass and have to remember that he has given me this vocation and he understands and will help me.


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