You know you have a pre-schooler when... Vol 1

Derrick placed a ball inside D's shirt.
Derrick: you got a hunchback, Daniel.
Little D: lunch back! I got a lunch back!

D playing on Lola's iPhone
Isabel trying to get the phone.... Whines when she doesn't get it.
Lola: it's ok baby, ill give you my iPad.
Daniel: here you go Isabel. (Handing the phone to lola) where's your iPad Lola??

D: what's this? It's yucky.
Me: it's just lint.
D: mint?
Me: no, lint.
D: go away mint!

D: Why are you playing the pi-na-no?
Me: 'Cause I am a pianist. (smarty pants mom)

While picking up the kids at daycare, I have Isabel already with me when we stopped by to pick up D.
D: what's wrong with Isabel's nose? (pointing to the red mark. obviously from scratching or picking)
Me (thinking): just wait until they're teens and he points out what's wrong with her nose in public! It will be hilarious for sure.

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