Five favorites {pink edition}

Sharing my five favorites

Chanel mademoiselle
Love this perfume. Hubs got me my second bottle this past Christmas. Very sweet and subtle fragrance.


Imagine when a security officer was driving me across the street at 3a while on call. (we cover multiple hospitals while on-call) and he noticed my "subtle" perfume. He said: is that Chanel mademoiselle?
Talk about total freak out!
I'm supposed to be riding this security car to avoid scary peeps at 3a.....
Then he said: I've been wanting to get my wife that fragrance.
Ok.... Ok... Breathe.....
I guess my perfume is not too subtle.
But sure lasts a looooooonnnnng time because I placed that perfume 22 hours ago.

Bic ultimate sparkle pens
Inexpensive. Sparkly on the outside. Still writes in black ink.
Makes me happy when I'm working long hours.
No one steals them!
Who would wanna be caught with a pink sparkly or lite purple sparkly pen???
Just Dr. D.


My new Kate spade purse

What's inside?
Lets take a look

Perfect for my pink addiction. And for spring.
Best of all: already on sale and then I got 25% more off!

Shabby chic
My inspiration


My take:

Our magnolia tree
So pretty and so pink.
Def my tree.

Happy mid week friends.
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  1. That is my favorite perfume!! Stephen got it for me Christmas 2011 and I love it :) I've had random people ask me before if it was Chanel Mademoiselle too. Anyways, it's amazing! I also like Chanel Chance (Stephen's first Christmas gift to me).

    That purse is gorgeous. I love, love pink and have been trying to resist it lately (too much pink in my closet). I've never owned a Kate Spade purse but was definitely tempted by the Friends and Family sale, maybe someday :)

  2. Love those sparkly pens! I need some of that sparkle of here :).


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