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Spring Allergies
April showers bring May flowers.
For me: The month of April equals itchy red eyes, itchy throat, runny nose. I am allergic to the trees in our yard. The magnolia tree is pretty. The big maple tree at the back gives us a nice backyard shade but boy, oh boy, during April I am M-I-S-E-R-A-B-L-E.
Allegra works when the pollen count is maybe 40-60% horrible. Above that, I double dose with allegra, add benadryl, use my nasocort/rhinocort (intranasal steroids) and my patanol (antihistamine eye drops) and I still have horrible itchy red eyes and itchy palate and throat.

A few more weeks -- by the time it's mid to late May and I can slowly wean off of the double dosing and benadryl. Less eye drops..... and Allegra does a decent job.

until then, I am a walking red eyed gal with itchy mucus membranes.

Welcome to Indiana spring weather.
The kids enjoyed such a nice afternoon playing ball, riding their little car and bike.

This was Wednesday:

And this was the next day, Thursday:

Via Instagram

3. Still praying for the grieving families and those injured from Monday's Boston marathon bombing. Let's remember that we are asked for a culture of life and love..... Though we are faced with such violence and sadness.
Cardinal Sean O'Malley's words from the peace service yesterday:
"The Holy Father prays that we will be united in the resolve not to be overcome by evil, but to combat evil with good, working together to build an ever more just, free and secure society for generations to come."

Brilliance and insight of a child
I am reminded to have a heart and mind of a child from this remark my smart 3 1/2 year old made:
So much rain! Why is it so gloomy and dark and rainy this week, I complained.
Daniel said: The plants need rain, mummy. so they can grow!
How selfish of me to just think of muddy streets, flooded backyards and gloomy dark days. My son's heart and mind saw the goodness the rain brought.

Hubs and I had a great weekend at the Marriage Encounter Weekend Retreat. (thanks to Caitlin @ Catholic Cookie Jar). I signed us up w/o reading her full post. So i did not really have any expectation for the weekend. My hopes: to develop a closer relationship with Derrick, get away from the busyness of life.

I was thankful!
Derrick was thankful! as evident from his dialogue entries and love letters.

we are still finding a rhythm to continue our daily dialogue at home. So far, we have been unsuccesful. by the time the kids are asleep, we are both tired. It's mainly my fault. I have been taking my benadryl bec of my allergies that I am so drowsy and uninterested to have intimate, loving conversations about our feelings and share our letters.

We certainly made a commitment to continue our daily dialogue so we will continue trying.

It's 10 and 10.
10 minutes to write our love letters (may be done at any time of the day)
10 minutes of sharing our feelings

Search a marriage encounter weekend coming to your town or city!
Sign up!
It will change your marriage.

happy Birthday to Mother Angelica.
She's turning 90 tomorrow, April 20th. http://www.ewtn.com/90thBirthday/index.asp
Read abour her inspiring story
This book is such a blessing. She made me laugh, cry, pray harder, live more faithfully FOR CHRIST. I shared this book to my mom, my MIL and girlfriends.
it's available in Audio -- so go to your library, borrow it. I listened to it on my way to work!
She is amazing.

7. Picture I am sharing
Thankful for lovely spring and healthy children.

Thanks Grace for hosting this week.

Happy Friday y'all!

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  1. I hear you regarding the allergy medication and falling asleep so you can't spend much time with your husband in the evenings! No matter what non-drowsy brand I try, I get SO drowsy within 20 minutes of taking it.

    I've resorted to not taking it a few nights and then I regret it in the morning because I wake up with swollen eye lids and sinus pain. I heard eating a tbsp of local honey per day can help alleviate symptoms. I'm totally going to try it.

    I'm from Indianapolis (living near Chicago now) and my allergies are always far worse when I visit my parents in Indy.

    At least it is only one season. :-)


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