7 quick takes Vol 27

Hello, hello it's Friday! Another work week almost over!
Joining Jen @ ConversionDiary (welcome back!)

1. Exercise
I am glad to have such a light rotation this month of April. I switched my exercise routine to early morning workouts before I leave the house. I have been working out regularly since I have done that! yes, i do miss Zumba (Mondays and Thurs 7:30-8:30p at a nearby Catholic HS) but I am glad I am exercising more regularly.
My new fave DVD: Jillian Michaels ripped in 30.
Week 1 is already killing me like crazy but I can tell after doing it 5 times I am ready for Week 2. I will do these hard-core workouts till my growing belly cannot handle them anymore!

2. Sharing some meals I made this week:

shrimp Étouffée from Jenna

Braised beef with sweet potatoes (always a winner in our house! very filling!) from RealSimple

Bacon wrapped dates with cream cheese from Grace (addicted here. I made them 3 weeks in a row). Another reason why I gotta work out regularly.

3. eBay virgin
For all those eBay pros out there, I envy you. I have never won an auction EVAH!
And guess what, last Wednesday, I won my first ever ebay purchase via auction. (still waiting for  the item)
I about almost had an anxiety attack as I watch the last few minutes and then seconds on my eBay timer! whoa.... I was ready to be outbidded anytime.
yet, i still won! haha.
I'd love any tips from you all eBay pros!

4. Have you read this NFP article by Dwija?
I am only expecting baby D3 and I am already getting looks.

5. Another addiction to confess
I am crazy, crazy for any show BBC related. Remember my post about Sherlock? I am on season 2 courtesy of the public library. I watched WhiteChapel already (warning: gross,  bloody, pure terror). I have MI-5 series on request at the library (where else?)
Any other suggestions for BBC shows?

6. Kids' Addictions

I purchased the album 25 favorite silly songs
I borrowed DVDs from the library for the kids (and for me to enjoy)

7. Photo I am sharing (already posted on instagram)
Daniel: mommy, let's take a picture
Guess they got it from one of their picture loving, tons of posing parent..... guess who?

Happy Friday y'all!

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