Home call dullness

Oh nothing really to blog about today.

Except that I'm on home call (again) and has been growing cellphone ears for the past hour. Derrick said: it's gonna be a long night. (Thanks love)

And why, oh, why do the kids scream, yell, fight when I'm on the phone? Those moms on the other line were probably thinking: wow, it's crazy over there.
Those other doctors on the other line probably thinking: crazy lady, change rooms or something so I could understand what you're saying.

I actually tried going to the living room or the sun room and my little beanies follow their momma.....

When I'm on call, they are on call.... My little guy reminds me of my pager when it beeps and it takes me a millisecond to get to it and mute it.

And now for some peace: kids off to tar-jay with their papa.
Hopefully no beeps from my pager for the next few mins......

Empty family room

Quiet pager

Heaven for a few milliseconds

Happy Thursday!

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