7 quick takes vol 25

Praying for our host Jen and her baby Joseph Thomas who is at the NiCU for respiratory issues.
Speedy recovery for both of them. St. Luke and St. Gianna, pray for them.
Thanks to Grace for hosting this week.

Special weekend for D-crew mom and dad. The worldwide marriage encounter weekend is in Indy.
More to come later.

Congrats to Stephanie of captive the heart! A baby due in October! So fun and exciting. I love the month of October. That's when I got engaged and a year later got married!
There's tons of pregnant mommas. I love following all of your baby bump posts.

Sharing this beautiful tree in front of our house. Definitely my favorite tree because of the pink blossoms. This morning my lil D said: goodbye beautiful tree.

It's my grandmama Mama Consing's bday today. She's in the Philippines and I miss her. She raised me and my sister.

Here's a picture taken in 2007 during a trip to the Philippines. I can really tan! L-R my mom, mama, and me.

I got a new favorite show. Thanks to Jen! I watched the first episode of Sherlock. It blew my mind. (Slight exaggeration) but truly I recommend it. I started episode 2 but was already super tired. And kids had to go to bed.
I love everything British! It's the accent!

Picture I'm sharing

Happy Friday y'all!

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