Wise men adventures {days 2-8}

The three kings continue on their journey.

Day 1 here

Day 2 ~ they were found in Paris, gazing at the Eiffel Tower

Day 3 ~ they thought baby Jesus is in our dining room

Day 4 ~ just hanging out.

Day 5 ~ they saw a star but it's not THE star. The baby Jesus is not there.

Day 6 ~ they were found in one of the kids' rooms. Guess who?
Maybe they have a cold and they need medicine...

Day 7 ~ just marching on....

Day 8 ~ found in Rome.

How about you? How are you preparing for Christmas?

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  1. Anonymous12/13/2013

    I absolutely love this idea, thanks for sharing it. I am still amazed how you get so much done! As if those stellar meals weren't enough to impress me..


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