Christmas pjs and presents

Happy Christmas season from the sick D-crew household. Not an awesome way to spend our Christmas break. Specially for this mama bear who feels useless being bedridden with fevers and chills.

In between the ibuprofen and Tylenol, I present you our pictures from the majestic iPhone camera and pic-tap-go app. Enjoy!

Round 1
Opening presents from Santa.
This Christmas is perfect for the kids. We had our Las posadas the night before. They went to bed without a fuss. They were excited about Santa and the kids got what they asked 'him'.

Round 2
My mom came over for lunch and it's round 2 overload. If they opened x amount of gifts from us, they opened x times 3 with Lola.

It was a power rangers and Dora Christmas for the older two. Outfits and baby Einstein for Sebastian.

Cardi: target || black tunic: express, old || tights: bright and lively from zulily || boots: hunters, gift

Such a precious time. The best Christmas present is spending time with my family this holiday season. My heart swells with pride and love when I see them. I'm blessed.

Christmas 2012 ~ when we were all healthy and not plagued with viruses

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