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Joining Hallie and friends for this week's five faves. It's been awhile.

1. Leg warmers
I am channeling my inner ballet dancer. I have a few pairs of leg warmers I used when I was taking ballet lessons. When to use them now that I don't take classes?
When it's 16 degrees outside and I want to wear my dresses or skirts!

2. Plaid shirts

Old navy and target carry a few. Abercrombie has them too.

3. Stockings
I love these pottery barn Christmas stockings.
Derrick has a snowman.
Isabel and I have a ballerina.
Daniel has a train.
Sebastian has an airplane.


4. Smoochies

This shade is #luv u.
The lip balm is perfect. Not too thick. No dryness-feel after application.
Nice gloss too.

5. Nalgene bottle

This one is a tried and true friend. The water it carries keeps me hydrated throughout the workday. Since I'm a nursing mom, adequate hydration is key. Also it staves off headaches that might brew because of lack of sleep, blah, blah, blah.
I love my pink Nalgene bottle!

And it needs a refill!

Hope you're having an awesome day. 14 days till Christmas y'all!

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  1. Hi there! I just clicked over from Hallie's and love your favs, especially the Smoochies. Might have to go out and buy one tomorrow, and say it's for my stocking. :)


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