Check-ups, Outfits and gifts from St. Nick { 7qt}

1. 60s in December
Only in Indy.
Our warmest day in December was this Wednesday with a high of 61.
Then two days later, we are getting sleet and snow.

Kids received an early Christmas present from our relatives in Cali. Thanks auntie Feli for the snow suits. Isabel and Daniel are excited to play in the snow.

^^wednesday: I was posing outside sans coat and it felt great!^^

^^two days later: two hours delay and shoveling our driveway^^

Outfit deets: short sleeved sweater jcrew factory | pants kohls old, old, old | clogs dansko limited edition green python.... My most complimented shoes ever.

2. Bastian
My sweet little boy is 3 months old.
What he can do:
~ social smile
~ lift head up 45 degrees or more when on his tummy {awake and supervised of course} remember back is best when sleeping. Back to sleep.

Not doing yet:
~ no sign of rolling over which is fine. He's a bit young for that.
~ sleeping through the night. The longest he has given me was 5.5 hours and that's pretty amazing! I would classify that as sleeping through the night. My other kids reverse-cycle fed {eat less during the day when I was away; nurse a lot at night}

What he's wearing:
~ mainly 3-6 month clothes. He fills up his sleepers. Sleepers are so easy for babies. Most of Sebastian's sleepers are his kuya Daniel's.

3. Two-fer
I brought the oldest two to see their pediatrician for their annual well child check.

Outfit deets: top target | puffer vest hand me down | pants target | socks old navy | hair ribbon hello kitty, gift from st. Nick

Isabel at 2 years old
Weight: 23 lbs 10th percentile
Height: 32 inches 10th percentile (she did not shrink!) she opted to stand like her brother and measured her height instead of her length ~~ aka while lying down)

Daniel at 4.5 years old
Weight: 32 lbs 10th percentile (woohoo! Finally on the curve)
Height: 40 inches 25th percentile

I saved Daniel from his prekindergarten shots. I basically just postponed it to another time.

4. Residency
Check out my posts about child neurology residency part one and part two.
Let me know what you think....
Did I convince you yet to join the exciting field of Neuro?

5. Christmas shopping
I'm about done with my Christmas shopping. And I didn't even leave my house or stepped inside a mall. Online shopping is the best!
Sites I have used for gifts:
Zulily ~ I bought the kids' stocking stuffers, kitchenette, pacers hat and hoodie here. My sis and nephew are also receiving a zulily package for Christmas.
Hautelook ~ I found really nice presents here for my friends.
Old navy
Vera Bradley

I've posted before that I'll be a cheapo parent this Christmas. Wellllllll. The deals from thanksgiving, Black Friday through cyber Monday were sooooo tempting. I got a few necessities (clothes etc) and small toys for the kids.

6. Feast of St. Nicholas
We have tons of feast in the Filipino tradition. But St. Nick's feast is not big over in the Philippines. Maybe that's why I'm always taken off guard when Dec 6th comes around. This year, I'm more prepared and aware.

^^left our shoes at the back door^^

^^and in the morning we found above^^

I got these starwars books a long time ago and planned to give them to the kids (mainly Daniel) for feast of St. Nick.

7. Time for a picture
We have to have an outfit picture. Specially this one since I tried mixing patterns.

Inspired by this outfit:

Obviously, I can't wear this at work or anywhere... Gotta adapt. Change it up a bit.

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