Pope Francis, St. Lucy, Nathaniel, Daniel ~~ a few of my favorite things (or people) 7qt

Publishing my 7 quick takes late. apologies, apologies.

1. Person of the year
How cool is it that Pope Francis is the person of the year by Time magazine?!

2. St. Lucy
Happy feast of St. Lucy. If babyD3 is a girl and not Sebastian, Lucy is what we would have picked for her name. Will I be blessed with another girl?

3. 10-min a day
Do any of you parents with >1 child spend 10 minutes of undivided, one -on-one time with each child?
I've heard or read this somewhere before. I try to do it. But it's hard. Let the child pick/choose what/how he/she wants to spend the 10 mins of
one-on-one time...
Why am I thinking about this? Let's just say there's behavioral concerns in school, nothing too major. But made me thinking why my child is acting out.
The stress of having a new sib
Not enough sleep
Not spending enough me time with mom or dad

Thanks so much for your comments. Don't get fooled. I'm no super momma. When I think I'm excelling as a housewife and with cooking,some mothering skills like patience are not so awesome. When I feel like I did a good job as a doctor, then I'm "pooped" and tired when I finish the day. So I feel guilty and tired that I can't give my 100% at home.

Just a glimpse that sometimes {a lot of times} I'm on survival mode:
Derrick left me with the kids downstairs. He started getting ready for the night.
D: alright kids, after dora, turn off the tv.
Daniel started panicking because he requested for blues clues which was the next episode on the DVD. Isabel was enjoying the dora episode, singing and dancing.... As usual...
Me: ok buddy, let's finish Dora then you may have your blues clues.

Fast forward 10 mins
Derrick giving me the look when he found the four us (me nursing Sebastian, the two older kids still glued to the tube).
Me: well.... I didn't want anymore breakdowns. Daniel is gonna cry without blues clues. Isabel was enjoying dora so I can't just stop it and fast forward.
Hey... I'm on survival mode here....
{and very defensive. Agree?}

5. Mommy-sharing
This is expensive and overpriced at the drugstore but definitely better than those generic sprays we had before. Perfect for Sebastian's plugged up nostrils.
Thanks to hubs for making a drugstore run at 6am a weekend or two ago.

6.Shout out
Happy 4th birthday this weekend dear nephew. I wish we could fly out there to see you and celebrate. Kisses and I love you!

Here's Nathaniel at his 3 year old bday party.

7. Picture I'm sharing
My son getting a big boy haircut sitting on the big boy chair.

Linking up with Jennifer @ conversion diary. Happy snowy weekend.

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  1. A physician was just telling me how it's hard to be a doc and a mom because she knows she can't give 100% to both, and for a while she felt inadequate that she couldn't give her whole self to either one. I've been thinking about that and I guess it's about finding a balance and also forgiving yourself for not being able to give 100% to both (of course I can't speak from experience *yet*). Anyways, it seems like you're doing a great job :)

  2. Anonymous12/14/2013

    I linked to your blog because I KNOW you are doing an amazing job as both a doctor and a mama. And I have no idea how you do it...


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