Christmas octave and what's cooking

My favorite week is the Christmas octave. Though the secular culture stopped playing Christmas music on December 26th, it's only the second day of Christmas. The wise men continues their journey. We,Catholics, are blessed to enjoy 12 days of holiness.... The 12 days of Christmas!

Christmas octave:
Dec 26 // Thurs
St. Stephen ~ patron saints for bricklayers, Deacons and Hungary

Dec 27 // Friday
St. John the Apostle

Meal: left over buffet, with sweet potato fries and sauteed green beans

Dec 28 // Saturday
Holy Innocents ~ patron saints for babies
The first martyrs for Christ. In Herod's quest to find the infant King, he ordered the massacre of these little boys thus making them the first martyrs for Christ.

Meal: sashimi take out, nabeyaki udon for the children, yakiniku for Derrick. Thanks to my in-laws for the treat!

Dec 29 // Sunday
Feast of the Holy Family

Meal: I finally made the crunchy chicken tenders I had planned for Christmas lunch. Several days after Christmas and we still have left overs from lunch. My mom and in laws brought ham. (lbs and lbs of ham). It's like they knew I will be out of commission and sick and not able to cook without getting fatigued and tachycardic.

Dec 30 // Monday
Special day for me personally. This marks the one month countdown until I finish residency.

Meal: celebrate our 9 years of togetherness 2 days early??? I will be working NY eve and NY day. With a 3 month old, who can go out like these lovebirds?

Dec 31 // Tuesday
NY Eve

Meal: take your pick from the freezer meals I have in stock.

Jan 1 // Wednesday
The octave day of the nativity of The Lord.
Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God

Meal: Bang bang shrimp

Jan 2 // Thursday
St. Basil

Meal: pepper steak from my chinese cookbook

Jan 3 // Friday
Most Holy Name of Jesus

Meal: easy sesame chicken

Jan 4 // Saturday
St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

Meal: creamy chicken and wild rice soup

Have a blessed Christmas octave!

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