Rainy day means productivity in my dictionary

Hello from rainy Indianapolis. Besides being on call, I planned our menu for Christmas week.

Past week:
Sunday: Union Jack pizza. my usual basil and sundried tomatoes // italian sausage and basil deep dish pizza for the boys
Monday: impromptu sushi dinner
Tuesday: chicken adobo (hubs' favorite Filipino dish)
Wednesday:beef stew in the slow cooker
Thursday: baked tilapia with tomatoes and zucchini
Friday: dinner date at Mama Carolla's. I ordered my usual pasta bolognese with angel hair pasta // hubs got his chicken fettucine alfredo. we are both creatures of habit. It's hard to change our ways.
Saturday: meatloaf; roasted garlic tomatoes, bell peppers and zucchini (aka throw whatever I have in my fridge)

Christmas week:
Sunday: chicken alfredo and rice casserole
Monday: left overs
Tuesday: Christmas Eve ~~ crock pot pork chops and apples; baked sweet potato fries (these are addicting!)
Wednesday: Christmas Day ~~ crunchy chicken tenders, shrimp tortellini, baked asparagus. my mom's share: everybody's favorite Ham. yum.
Thursday: bang bang shrimp (aka orange peel shrimp)
Friday: left overs
Saturday: pepper steak stir fry from this awesome cookbook

I say this weekend is a productive one. The children's gifts are all wrapped. We went for a huge Costco run {usuals: milk, fruit, meat for my freezer meals in preparation for a busy inpatient hospital month, diapers, veges}.

This is my last weekend call as a resident physician...... Another milestone.
{counting the days}

Here's my handsome boy who's seen me work as a resident his whole life. It's about to change buddy!

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  1. Anonymous12/22/2013

    Congrats!!!! I'm excited to see what you end up going with after residency. Keep posting restaurants so we know where to eat!
    Hopefully you get to stay home for Christmas!


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