Wise men adventures {day 9-14} and a giveaway

These guys are smart.

While I'm an idiot.

Did you catch my mistake here? My ignorance is immortalized on this blog and on the Christmas card attachment I sent to family and friends.

Will my kids forgive me?

Enough about myself. Let's show you where the three wise men are traveling nowadays. Did you catch my mistake yet?

Day 9:
Stairway to heaven {I'm still clueless}

Day 10:
Coffee break {I'm still chugging along. While the three wise men stopped to get some stimulants}

Day 11:
Mesmerized by chubby cheeks Daniel

Day 12: day off....

On day 13:
I finally figured out my ignorance. I needed a day off to realize my mistake.
Do you see the real guys here?
Finally reunited with the REAL wise man... Where else? At our advent wreath!

Day 14:
They were found studying with me.

Come back and see where they are headed while looking for the infant king.
Only a week before Christmas!

**if you catch my goof-off, comment below. I'll let my smarter kids pick a winner at random for a Starbucks $gift card$**
Winner will be announced Christmas Eve... Just in time for a Christmas holiday beverage.

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  1. Anonymous12/18/2013

    It took me awhile but something tells me one Wise Man did not dress like a shepherd boy!

  2. Anonymous12/18/2013

    lol! Oh, that was an easy mistake to make! You are a busy lady and I only noticed because you mentioned a mistake! I'm not sure I would have seen it otherwise!! Thanks for the laugh! I needed that! Have a blessed Advent!

  3. Looks like St. Jospeh joined two of the Wise Men. ;) But I didn't notice before, either!

  4. Easy to mix up shepherds and wise men. :) Wasn't too baaaaaaa-d of a mistake. ;-) Def. a cooler idea than Elf on the Shelf too!


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