Christmas program, giveaway, books and countdown {7qtFriday}

1. Christmas program
Today is my TK's Christmas program. Daniel is not much of a talker when it comes to school stuff {painful for a mom}. He won't tell us what song they've been preparing to sing at the program. I brought the troops (minus the D of disis). Praise to Isabel who tolerated the hour long program. She had her minor breakdown at the second to the last song. Thank you for the nativity play and the three wise men showing up. They distracted her.

Daniel and his class sang Hip Hop Reindeer (no wonder he did not tell us the title of the song. I don't know the song myself)

2. Giveaway
My way of reclaiming my pride. I'm giving away a Starbucks $15 gift card if you find out my three wise men mistake from here to here. My kids will pick a winner at random on Christmas Eve.

3. How handsome is this boy?
My sister posted this cute video of my nephew.
~ I should learn from this smart boy. He answers in complete sentences. Unlike me, who writes phrases and pretend they're sentences.
Like so:
6 yo came in for follow-up. Pt with history of seizures. Seizure free for a year on low dose keppra. No side effects per parents. No regression skills. Doing well as a first grader. Etc. Etc.

(**Btw, above is not a real patient. Just a made up history)

4. Dinner date
I invited Derrick for an impromptu dinner date. Funny how dinner with only one child us feels like a date nowadays.

And this was how we spent the rest of our night. Might as well wrap presents.

Look at our only child for the night. He can tripod! Nice propping skillzzzz hubs.

5. Countdown
I'm looking for an app to countdown my last days a resident. As I'm publishing this, I've got

6. Books, books, books
I'm supposed to be studying for boards but I miss reading for fun. I haven't found a good book in awhile. Sooooo.... I downloaded a sample of Kathy Reichs' novel featuring the original Temperance Brennan (heroine that inspired the series Bones).

I'll let you know if it's a good one.
I love mystery and crime books. Any recommendations?



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