'Twas the night before Christmas

Dress: moda international (vs) old || vest: zulily || tights: zulily || boots: Mia

There are better pictures obtained by my husband using the hand-me-down rebel cam from my FIL. I don't know how to use it. So the iPhone cam will just do.
~~ for now.
~~ till I get a tutorial from my sister

^^the stable is waiting for the arrival of baby jesus.

^^i placed him on an easy to find spot for our las posadas^^

There's a slight hiccup the start of our Christmas vacation. So all our to-do chores were all done Christmas Eve {they're mainly my to-do list}.

We baked cookies for Santa.
And gifted the rest to family and friends.

We attended family Mass at 4p. Oh how I miss midnight Mass. Maybe when the children are a little older then I won't feel bad keeping them up for midnight Mass.

Because of our kids ages 4.5 ,2 and 3.5 mos, we also skipped the traditional noche Buena meal. We were all snoozing at that point.

Instead we had a very nice Christmas lunch with family.

Here's my sweet son watching me prep freezer meals {not holiday related, but anticipation of my busy January at work}. Again, this was pushed back because of a plugged duct. The challenges of breastfeeding and overproduction. {another post for another time}

^^que pasa?^^

Merry Christmas to all!

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