they make me a want to be a better mom

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There are TONS of photos. sorry, not sorry.  


 On D:

on SJ:
shirt c/o Auntie Feli // Target pants // Stride Rite shoes 

On Bellie:
Target dress // RL cardi // Sandals c/o Lola L

White Top Old Navy
wedge sandals via zulily
faux pearl bracelet, similar
necklace from my mom

I am no super mom. I am just a mom.
I don't like poop. I don't like stinky stuff. If hubs is home, I try to punt the diaper changing to him. But we gotta do what we gotta do. So I change diapers. 

Who makes me want to be a better mum?

These guys. These amazing, beautiful children that the Lord entrusted me. 
These are HIS babies.  I am just their mom here on earth. I have to prepare them for eternity with Him.

I am not good at this gig. I may be overthinking and overanalyzing it. Sometimes  ~ a lot of times ~ i just have to be a mom and love on them. Be a mom and kiss them. Be a mom and do chores. Be a mom and get my butt off the couch and put the phone away and be present. 

They did not want a serious photo shoot. So I said, let's do "ring around the rosie."

 (side note: isn't this skirt fun? it's a back slit from top to bottom! 
it has button at the top so it stays closed! ha!)

I cheated I did not want to sit on the ground. 
But there was no judgment from them. 

Next, I said: Let's race. 
I love their faces! They were determined to be the fastest. They gave it their best. 
They are my teachers. They make me want to be better at what I do... both at home and outside the home. 



Mother's day is just any other day. We took photos because mummy said so. We dressed up because mummy said so. 

I do like it that there's another day besides my birthday that I get to have flowers and plants to add to my garden. 

It's easy to overinflate the day. 
 But instead of focusing on me: I want more of these ~~ my children being children. After all, if not for them, I won't join the fanciest club on earth. 

I like being a member of this club -- the mummy club. 


Where is Lucy?
Here she is. 
just when you thought this post is about to end....

And there's 10 more photos of her and her mother.




on Lucy: Target dress
Cardi c/o Auntie Feli
Mocs c/o FreshlyPicked

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