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dress via zulily
LV crossbody
flats via zulily
baby -- all mine. 
although i share her with her daddy and her lolos and lolas and sibs.  

 Lucy gives me hugs and I MELT.  

She looks at me and I see her love and I mean the world to her. 

I look back and give her hugs and kisses. I whisper, I love you. 

playing airplane.
she loves it.




I love this photo because her baby foot made a cameo. 
It's chubby and it smells good.
How often can we say that feet smell good?

Change topic...
do you have a pair of shoes that you wished you bought a second pair or something?
For me -- this shoe is that case. I found it on zulily.
it's a good online find.
I don't know where to find another pair.
it's not even a well-known name brand.

if you find one like this, please let me know.

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  1. Very cute shoes (and baby ;). Also, I love your dress!


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