red bag + red shoes {wiws}

disclaimer: affiliate links are used.not sponsored though. I got all these on my own. :)

Dress via hautelook
faux leather jacket, 2(maybe 3 seasons ago?)
Celine mini, pre-loved

Back to the 40s here in the midwest. WHY OH WHY!
Teeball was cancelled for my little D. The field was wet and it was a chilly morning.
I had another outfit planned for Pentecost Sunday (no pops of red at all). That had to change. It was CHILLY.

I had to resurrect the tights and dress combo. Then had this bright idea to wear my red stilletos and my Celine.

I haven't worn these heels for months obviously because of winter. How did I walk in these at 8 mos preggo??? I was out of my mind!

 I definitely need more practice.

Madonna of the streets necklace via axis mundi
 Check out her shop. I have 3 other glass pendants.



The flowers are blooming! my neighbor's peonies bloom a month before mine. Mine usually bloom around my birthday :)

The dress I am wearing is inspired by my daughter's dress (thanks Lola). She thrifted a similar black and silver dress. They were running around, busy playing before going to church.  No cute children to make my OOTD post interesting.


A visiting priest from UNBOUND.org came to talk about this great organization helping children and elderly from developing countries. A child or elderly is paired with a sponsor family. Derrick and I have a sponsor child for almost 9 years. We started sponsoring her on our first year wedding anniversary. She is 18/19 years old now. 

Your $1 goes a long way. $1 per day can help a child go to school.  I love receiving letters from her. Maybe someday I will get to meet her.

If you have any experience with sponsorship, please share. Let me know on the comments below.
What's your favorite thing about sponsorship?
How often do you write to your sponsored friend?
Have you joined a trip to visit your sponsored family?

Happy Pentescost Sunday, friends!
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  1. Gosh this cold snap has totally thrown me off, too! And I'm no good at walking in heels anymore, either... I stick to wedges and only pull out the heels what I go out with no kids to carry! Love the pops of red :)

  2. Yikes! It was breezy here, but not cold. It has been such a chilly May! I love your pops of red!

  3. LOVE! Your outfits are always so cute and this one is perfect with all the red pops for Pentecost. That necklace is gorgeous!!!! (all the heart eyes emojis over here!!)

  4. It was super cold here as well and definitely threw me off. I love your dress..super cute!

  5. Great outfit!! Your leggings/sandals combo looks adorable. I'm a 57-year-old grandmother with veiny legs, and I always dread summer because I don't like to wear dresses without tights. I'm going to steal this look.

    Also, that pendant is beautiful. Thanks for the link!

    1. Oh hello! I've been reading your blog. Glad you stopped by! Hello hello! You have. A Daniel right????

      Have a good day!

  6. Looking good Mama. Loving the red.

  7. What a fabulous dress and bag!


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