This boy is in his second year of teeball. we decided to keep him with the "rookies" instead of joining the minors because he is a "young first grader." It was a great decision. He is with another friend from his school. He also has other friends from last year's league. 
May has been a very rainy month. Practices have been cancelled at least twice. Two games were already cancelled. One was this past weekend. The temps dipped down to the low 40s. it was cloudy and misty. The poor 5-6 year olds had to be at the field for an 8a game, 7:40a warm-up. Glad we got the text alert at 6:45a. We haven't left the house yet.


Coach's pitch does not start till the minors, but they give them 3 tries before they use the Tee. Daniel asks to practice hits and catches. He was with us on our weekly FriDATES with Lucy. Since it was still bright outside, we stopped by a nearby school and he practiced a few hits with his dada. 

So proud of my eldest. The growth I have seen with his reading and Math. Just amazing. 
I am so happy.


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