a brickwall

dress thrifted
LV wristlet mon monogram


I am sure some of you guys have seen this video about instagram husbands.
This OOTD post reminds me of that video.
I appreciate hubs for taking my photos. He lets me embarrass myself and pose in front of a brickwall. We have had a few stares but bystanders just move on.

This one was the brickwall of a drugstore. It was right next to our fave Mexican chain.... a couple of cars going through the drugstore drive-thru paused for a bit. They are not used to blogger moms here in the Midwest.



 Wedges are mommy and work-friendly.  I can walk in these for an entire clinic day. Haven't been brave enough to do consult week in wedges but maybe someday I will be crazy enough to do it. (and I will blog about it... expect nothing less)

I love these wedges because they give me height. They are the perfect pop of red. They also have these gold studs. 



How about this dress that I got instagram-thrifting!
E-high five to all those who care.

I waited and waited till I can zip it. I got it  while pregnant with Lucy... Then postpartum chest did not cooperate. But the waiting was worth it. It made my super busy Friday clinic fun... weird but little things like OOTD and shoes make my day.


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  1. That dress is so cute- hooray for thrifted instagram finds! And wedges are pretty much the only "heels" I wear nowadays. The days of managing kids in high-heels are few and far between. ;)


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