interns no more {travel diary}

 My friends A and S and I had a much-needed reunion in ATL.  These are my very good friends from Pediatric residency. We were all  interns at the county hospital newborn nursery and pediatric ward. We spent every 4th night call nights at the hospital. We have shared ER shifts. We have shared rooms in the peds retreat. 

I haven't seen Dr. A for 1.5 years.
It was 5 years for Dr. S!

These are ladies are amazing.
They haven't changed a bit. 
Except that one is a successful cardiologist and one is an ER physician with a new baby. 

Chihuly's works are featured at the gardens. It was a perfect first day of the exhibit.
Besides the art and beautiful flowers, I also clocked 13,000 steps that day! yah! Babywearing for the win!

These are all photos taken by JT using the big cam. Enjoy his work. 




photos by: JayTeeMD

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