Lucy at 10 mos

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  My pretty lady is 10 months old. 

A few updates:
She loves table food! we already gave her scrambled eggs, salmon (baked in a foil with veggies, and teriyaki salmon), white rice, fettucine alfredo. She wants to try our ice cream.
She is a fast army crawler. She is learning that she can raise her hips off the floor and that she can propel her body forward. She is fast! 

She flew with me to Atlanta a couple of weeks ago and was a superb flyer! we were in between two guys on the way to ATL. the one on our right fell asleep. The one on the left said hi and asked (politely) "Is she a frequent flyer?"

Was there a hidden question there?
I think so. 

 I answered:  "This is her second time."
She amazed the people around us. She was a superb flyer. whew! 


dress c/o Ninang

Let's play a game. These are all the Dcrew babies at 10 months of age.
1st, who is who? (you should get at least one right if you pay attention to the photos)
2nd, one of these 4 babies do not look like the others. who is it? 

Scroll all the way to the bottom for the answers!




Lucy, Daniel and Isabel have their dad's features. Hubs share the same features as my MIL and her side of the family.

Sebastian is a TRUE Delima. He shares the same features as my FIL, BIL and SIL.

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  1. She is so cute! Love all the pictures of the babies at the same age!

  2. Beautiful babies! Better hold off on the ice cream as long as you can. As soon as they know ice cream, there's no going back. :)


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