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Anthropologie shrug // pearls and crystals via igshop // Old Navy nonmaternity maxi dress // Louis Vuitton Damier clutch // Chinese laundry sandals

What a fun day! From our lunch to after-dinner walk ~ I used birthday coupons and rewards. 

I took Bastian and Isabel to Panera bec it was next to the library. (oh yeah library on June 1st is chaos... pure chaos... kids everywhere, kiddie computers were all used) I got a pastry treat for my birthday which isabel enjoyed. At the same time, I have a free bowl of soup from my frequent diner rewards. {fist bump}

Next was starbucks drive-thru run after picking up Daniel. He loves the Banana nut bread. So for my birthday reward, I got him that. It was nice to share my birthday treats to the little ones...

I was not planning on using my birthday coupons but after dinner and cheesecake, I just wanted to walk off a few of the calories. 

We found ourselves at Anthropologie. I got this dress from the sale rack. Because of the V-neck, it's perfect for breastfeeding, don't you think?

Then we went to Banana Republic. it's 40% off sale priced items there right now! Crochet and lace are all the rave this season! I just have to have a dress or skirt or top made of crochet or lace. I found this pencil skirt... After the 40% off sale and then my $15 birthday coupon, I got the skirt for $22! I cannot wait to wear it post-baby!

I'd say my 32nd year is off to a good start!

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  1. Happy birthday! Sounds like it was a great one :) And I'm reminded that I'm NOT looking forward to all our favorite weekday spots getting crowded again once school is out :(


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