ferragamo joins my collection

What is up with these Italian luxury goods? They are my addiction! well, not to mention: French couture and some American labels too!

Before you say: there she goes again, spending her children's college fund. Let me clear the floor and proclaim that I won this black leather shoulder bag from eBay! Even my husband gasped and was taken aback. I did not spend $670 as the old tag showed. And it's also an old design. you would not see it anymore in the Ferragamo website.

Isabel will have a fun time choosing her fave purse from my collection when she gets older! I have my old HK and other pink purses stored away. I am not using them anymore but I think she might like them when she's in middle school and highschool.

For other drool-worthy purses from Ferragamo, look below:

-- Ginette Vara Quilted Leather Shoulder Bag in Macaroon {I will get this one if I don't have little ones!}

-- Sofia Meditteraneo Calf Hair Satchel Bag in Cacao {I am still warming up on the calf hair purses... but this print is beautiful!}

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