celebrating Lola {what we wore Sunday}

red cape // Gap Maternity shift dress // Tory Burch Britten clutch

my wonderful family... we miss you Diana, N  and Amelia.

my baby, who does not look like a baby anymore....

this is how they burn off what they ate...

Bastian: Old Navy button down shirt for babies // JCP kids pants
Isabel: Zara white dress {similar from CrewCuts}  // CK jacket

Here's Lola and Bastian

bump at 34 weeks + 4 days

Have you had the meat sweats? I never have so I cannot really tell you what it feels like... Apparently people that eat at Brazilian steakhouses who consume a lot of meat have the "meat sweats" when they leave the place.

Since I worked downtown this weekend and my mom, who loves steak, has not been to Fogo de Chao; I thought it would be the perfect time to reserve seats for a really nice heavy lunch treat! It was really heavy! I can feel all that filet mignon + baby!

Happy birthday, Lola (mommy!)

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  1. Anonymous5/31/2015

    oh my gosh, that cape is FANTASTIC! it can be tough to pull off such a statement piece, but you look amazing!


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