thoughts about baby D4

Daniel: I think it's a girl.

Me: What if we have more after this baby?
Daniel: we can have 3 boys and 2 girls but that's it. Because how are going to fit them in our car?
Me: we will get a bigger van, like Mrs. xxoo
Daniel: she's crazy. Why does she need all those kids?

(and of course the dreaded question:) How does the baby come out?

Stranger/friend/etc: Do you know if it's a boy or girl?
Me: We don't know. it's a surprise.
Stranger/friend/etc: what do you think?
Me: I want a boy.
Isabel: mommmeeeeeee, it's a baby girl.

Me: will you share your dresses and dolls with your baby if it's a girl?
Isabel: sure!

Me: wow the baby is moving a lot.
Sebastian: {no comment, continues to sit on my stomach}

For now, let's leave you with HIS CUTENESS!

If you like to share your prayer requests below, please do so. I am planning another natural birth (God-willing!) and would love to offer your requests. Doing so gives meaning to the suffering of labor pains. 

Just to give you an idea: my labor with Daniel, my offering was to all children who don't have parents who love or take care of them. May my suffering find them love and protection. 

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