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motherhood maternity top // MK bradshaw watch // LV damier clutch // Zara flats, old

This man right here is the best labor support. I do not think I would have survived 3 natural births without him - to remind me about breathing, praying and having the goal-in-sight. Any day now, we will be tested again with our teamwork.

I have always been a swatch girl. I grew up wearing the brand, changing my straps to match my dresses. For the past few years, I have worn this and this.... Then the batteries died and I stopped wearing watches altogether.

Casual watches are perfect for everyday use specially when I was a resident doctor, on call and wearing scrubs/white coat everyday.

Now that I am "older" and not in scrubs anymore, I can spice it up a bit. I like the idea of a watch as a jewelry making a BOLD statement. I started researching oversized watches and landed on this one! It is HUGE. The case is 43mm. Derrick calls it a man watch. My sister says it's arm candy. I pick the latter.

The watch is huge but I am also HUGE bec of pregnancy weight gain. I wonder what it will look like once I am back to my pre-pregnancy weight and the arms and thighs and cheeks are not so chubby anymore. I hope this watch will still look okay.... because I really, really, REALLY like it.

And now for the close-up of the biggest watch EVAH!

MK bradshaw 43mm watch, gold tone

What do you think?
Will you wear one this oversized?
Are you a gold-tone, silver-tone or rose-gold type of person?
Do you prefer to wear casual watches all the time OR fancier watches instead?

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  1. I love oversized watched! Actually every watch I own is an oversized watch...one in black and white gold and one in orange...which goes with a surprising number of outfits. :)

    1. wow. orange really? send me link. maybe I will be a believer and we can be watch twins :)


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