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My husband approached dating the right way -- or how it's supposed to be, as what one parent would hope his/her child would do when looking for a mate. When I asked him, he said he did not want to waste his time and money pursuing somebody who is not-marriage material. You could say he is picky. But he said it's more than pickiness. He has always known he wants to get married and have a family. That was his calling. So when hubs graduated from college, with a good job lined up but no woman to call his "soon-to-be-wife", he was actually disheartened. He said he always thought he'd be getting married right after college.

He is not a boring guy. In fact, he "came out of his shell" late highschool and definitely in college. He hung out with his guy friends and also with ladies, going out dancing, eating out, etc but as a group.

He knew what qualities he wants for his wife.  I wish I could say the same for myself during my teen and college years. He wants a Filipino girl who is Roman Catholic. Meeting Filipinos here in the midwest (especially in Indiana) is hard. Most live in Cali or bigger cities like Chicago, NY and Houston.

I, on the other hand, was just plain lost. Qualities that are important for me were not really evident with guys I dated. I am glad I was steered in the right path and basically had a "reversion" and change of ways. He was free and still looking when I finally got my priorities straight. The person I was looking for was actually in front of me for 3 years.

He says I am worth the wait. I say: lucky me. I am glad he waited until the Lord prepared me to be a  suitable wife for him.

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  1. You caught a good one! Praise the Lord that he prepared his heart well for you. :) Thanks for linking up with Blessed is She this week!

  2. Can you post your story of how you met? I absolutely love to read how God brought two people together. :-)

    1. Absolutely. I had the draft for a long time. Just haven't finished it....


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