watching tv has some benefits + what we wore Sunday {wiws}

liz lange maternity tee // old navy skirt via eBay // naturalizer sandals // steve madden sunglasses

naturalizer sandals {dahnny}

Their spontaneous poses describe their personalities. 

Daniel the goofball
Isabel the future fashion blogger

Daniel: Janie and Jack striped polo // spiderman flipflops

Isabel: pink tutu dress {gift} // saltwater sandals

Isabel sang this this morning:
clothes on, eat breakfast, brush teeth, put on shoes, then off to church
She is smart to change {school} to {church}

see, letting them watch pbskids at 9a has benefits.

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  1. Love your shoes and clutch! My little girl has the same pink dress! Cute story about her changing the words to that song :)

    Sierra Elizabeth

  2. Ha! Evie likes to sing that ditty a lot. :)


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